Boffer is the safe way for kids to have fun, from ages 4 to 64. Those who are young at heart can enjoy participating fighting with foam swords. Whether you enjoy one on one or team combat, Pyro Panther Entertainment can create a number of scenarios to full fill your Boffer dreams.

Boffer is a safety foam sword, specially designed to minimise risk in a sword fight. Our Marshalls have been trained to maximise safety and fun, while the scenarios we create keep you engaged.

Pyro-Panther Entertainment will provide up to 15 swords and a Marshall for your event.

Common workshop games are:

  • Total Team Annihilation
  • Captains
  • Capture the Flag
  • Valhalla
  • Round Robin Tournament
  • Boot Camp

Street Boffer fight at Balingup Medieval Carnival

Street Boffer fight at Balingup Medieval Carnival

Children's Boffer - Tourney

Children’s Boffer – Tourney